Rézeleje Fanfárosok / Gisela Days 2024

VEB2023 implementation
VEB2023 implementation
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Every May, the largest multidisciplinary arts festival in the City of Queens fills the streets of the castle quarter and the city centre with a colourful cavalcade of free music, art, theatre, literature and family events.

As Rézeleje Fanfárosok, we have been playing together since 2020, mainly Moldavian and Balkan dance music. Wherever we appear, we evoke the atmosphere of how folk melodies live on in their original medium in the modern age: played on modern instruments, with the crisp sound of a brass band. 

If there is any folk music that can be enjoyed without any special dance skills, it is the music of the Csángó and Balkan peoples. 

During its short existence, the band has proven this at numerous festivals, dance houses and weddings, entertaining audiences at events such as Fishing on Orfű, Ozora Festival, Dombosfest, Bondoró Festival, Csíkszereda City Days, Héttorony Festival, but we are also regular guests at Kobuci, Guzsalyas Csángó dance house and Fonó. 

Our repertoire is based on traditional collections, folk music based on modern melodies and original compositions, with unique instrumentation. We also play music for all-night dance-halls, concerts and provide ambient music for events. Due to its instrumental composition, our band can also play acoustically and is suitable for marching. 

Rézeleje Fanfárosok

Bence Antonovits - tenor/alto saxophone

Bálint Bereczki - tenor horn

László Békési - tenor saxophone/clarinet

Tamás Geröly - drums

Kinga Korsós - cobza, vocals

Szabó Levente - accordion

Márton Udvardi - trumpet


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