Regional Show: Balatonfüred – 18th Romantic Reform Era

VEB2023 tendered collaboration Kisfaludy színpad
VEB2023 tendered collaboration Kisfaludy színpad
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18th Romantic Reform Era In the Legacy of Count István Széchenyi

Before it was made a town in 1971, Balatonfüred enjoyed its golden age in the Reform Era, when the intellectual greats of the time all visited the vibrant spa resort. Based on the results of their work, which are still visible in the town today, we are organising our 18th Romantic Reform Era Festival, a civic initiative, which will take place at Kisfaludy Stage and on Tagore Promenade. In the year 2023, the concept of the event will be based on the views and innovative reforms of 'the Greatest Hungarian' derived from far in the West. Our aim is to bridge the gap between generations, bring past and present together, and last but not least, promote cultural exchange at an international level. We shall also promote the cultivation of conveying cultures in a way that is unique in Hungary and faithful to the traditions of the Era,  with support for the cultural communities. Folk music, gypsy music and Hungarian opera are the gems of Hungary, all of which will be actively represented over the three days. Artistic groups from local, civic and other communities will also play a role, and there will be a focus on performers, children's performers and craft fair artists interpreting the Reform Era, further enriching Tagore Promenade named after the famous Indian poet. There will be a performance by the band Swing a' la django with Margit Bangó, a procession in period costumes and a range of interesting activities for all ages.

Friday 22 September

Tagore Promenade

10:00-18:00 Folk and craft fair

16:00-24:00 Presentation of the Wine Producer of the Year, Arias Winery

Kisfaludy Gallery

10:00 In the spirit of the Petőfi 200 commemorative year, a local history quiz with students and local pupils from the town's guest village, Kiskőrös

Vaszary Gallery

14:00 Oh, Füred, let tradition rise again in you, 5th and 6th grade recitation contest

Vaszary Garden

16:00 Romantic walk in the reform era (costumed tour in Hungarian)

Ticket price: 3,000 HUF/person

More information: [email protected], + 36 30 727 7162

Huray Villa

18.00 Presentation of the novel "Vision of Balaton" - discussion, reading,

reading and book-signing with the author Erika Tímea Gajdos

Contributing:  Alexa Szlávics, handpan artist

Kisfaludy Gallery

18:00 Kuttyomfitty Company - Hungarian Virtus

Saturday 23rd September

Kisfaludy Stage

11:00 Győr Barocco Group - Time travel through dances

14:45 Festival and open-air photo exhibition Our Hungarian Heritage ceremonial opening

15.00 Katalin Hampel fashion show

Contributing: Mónika Sáfár and Sándor Sasvári, Jászai Mari Prize winners

16.15 The Association of the Traditionalists of the Reform Era of Balatonfüred presents an exhibition of costumes and the history of costumes.

and dress salon

18.00 Swing a la Django Concert

Guests: Margit Bangó, Kossuth Prize winner

Tagore Promenade

10:00-18:00 Folk and Folk & craft Fair and Flower Swing Exhibition

10:00-24:00 Presentation of the Wine Producer of the Year of Balatonfüred, Arias Winery and Spicc Café

Spicc Bistro offers delicious reform-era snacks

10:00-18:00 Nefelejcs Folk Playground

11:00-13:00 Craft activities in the Jónás mobile creative space

Vázary Garden

10:00 Romantic reform era walk (costumed tour in Hungarian)

Ticket price: 3,000 HUF/person

For more information: [email protected], + 36 30 727 7162

Szent István square

13.30 Dance performance by the Association of the Traditionalists of the Reform Era of Balatonfüred

14:00 Coach parade in period costume of the Association of the Traditionalists of the Reform Era and their carriages/Szent István tér - Kisfaludy stage/.

Contributing: Balatonfüred City Concert Wind Band conducted by Ákos Hégely

Balatonfüred Folk Dance Ensemble

Klapka György Szombathelyi Little Hussar Group

Association of Hungarian Hussars and Military Heritage

Jászkun Hungarian Royal Military Culture Foundation

Hungarian Military Culture Foundation

Győr Barocco Group

Szentes Horse Farm

Verbunk Veszprém Folk Concert Orchestra

Sunday 24th September

Vaszary Creation Workshop

10:00-13:00 Cyanotype workshop led by artist Zsófia Pittmann

Kiserdő - Petőfi Sports Club Tennis Court

11:00 Tennis demonstration in period costumes with a presentation by Katalin Kara on the history of the Sports Club and tennis

Kisfaludy stage

13:30 Twenty-six years - Private Petőfi

Concert theatre biography of the poet born 200 years ago

Contributing: Bálint Adorján, singer Hanga Kacsó, writer Anna Juhász and cimbalom/dulcimer player Dániel Szabó.

15:00 Csavar theatre: Gypsies from Nagyida

Tagore promenade

10:00-18:00 Folk and craft fair

10:00-19:00 Arias Winery, the wine producer of the year of Balatonfüred, will present its products and Spicc Bistro will offer delicious reform-era snacks

Vaszary Garden

15:00 Romantic walk in the Reform era (costumed sightseeing walk in Hungarian)

Ticket price: 3.000 HUF/person

Further information: [email protected], + 36 30 727 7162


St. Michael's Church Ruins in Papsoka

16.30 Opus singing ensemble conducted by Péter Kővári

17.00 Open-air mass on the occasion of the feast of St. Michael celebrated by Archbishop Dr. György Udvardy

The programme will end with a charity reception.

More information:

Balatonfüred Calvinist Church

18.30 Concert by Anita Bujtás, Kamilla Dévai Nagy and their artist friends

During the whole festival you can visit the exhibition of the photographer Mary-Anna Frey Nagy: Our Hungarian Heritage, in front of the Huray Villa (2 Blaha Lujza street).

Kisfaludy Gallery (Kisfaludy utca 1.)

Dress rental in the Kisfaludy Dress Salon with the help of the Association of Traditionalists of the Reform Era.

On 18-21 September, 14.00-19.00 and 22 September, 10.00-14.00, period costumes (women's, men's, children's) and accessories can be rented in the gallery, courtesy of the Treff costume shop in Győr.

Rental fee, including accessories: 6990 HUF/dress.

Deposit: 5000 Ft/dress

Information: Anita Győri + 36 20 535 4133


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