Papírkutya concert - Uher Bálint Quartet

VEB2023 tendered collaboration Papírkutya
VEB2023 tendered collaboration Papírkutya
Concert music papírkutya MUSIC/CITY

Energetic bebop themes, avant-garde compositions, rethought jazz standards - on Wednesday, the Papírkutya stage hosts Uher Bálint Quartet.

The band was formed in 2022 on the initiative of Veszprém-born saxophonist Bálint Uher-Győrfi. Their repertoire consists of original compositions, refashioned traditional jazz standards and compositions by well-known contemporary artists. From ballads that are almost a century old to energetic bebop themes and modern avant-garde compositions with unparalleled metre, their performances are dominated by instrumental improvisation. Their aim is to push harmonic and rhythmic boundaries, meeting the formal requirements of a variety of eras and styles. The members of the formation are musicians who have performed in several orchestras, have won prizes at Hungarian jazz competitions, and have performed on stages of several European countries in addition to Hungary.


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