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VEB2023 implementation
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Discover the magic of the folk music of the Carpathian Basin with István Pál 'Szalonna' and his band! The band is dedicated to learning, teaching and sharing these cultural treasures. Experience the harmony of unique instruments and singing.

Hungarian Heritage Award winner István Pál 'Szalonna' and his band were born out of a love for the folk music of the Carpathian Basin. They made it their calling to learn, teach and promote this wonderful world in our country and around the world. Their music is a music of joy that makes the traditional culture of their people and of the peoples living in the Carpathian Basin accessible and lovable to all ages. The heart-wrenching slow melodies, the virtuoso men's dances and the special world of the czardas are all part of their repertoire. Their instruments include the pipes and bagpipes of the traditional peasant world, the robust sound of strings and the dulcimer and tárogató (an ancient Hungarian woodwind instrument), the latter two being HUNGARICUMs. All of these are enriched by the sound of the loveliest instrument, the human voice.

To this day, the band members remain musicians of the Prima Primissima award-winning Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, recently celebrating its seventieth anniversary. Their lifeblood is the love with which the orchestra is received in the smallest villages of the country and on the biggest stages of the world.

István Pál was honoured with the Liszt Ferenc Award in 2015 and was appointed Artistic Director of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble in 2017.


Band members: 

István Pál ’Szalonna’ – violin, vocals

Eszter Pál – vocals

Tamás Gombai – violin

Attila Gera - wind instruments

Gyula Karacs  – viola

Sándor Ürmös – dulcimer

Róbert Doór – nagybőgő

Ticket price: 3000 Ft

Please note that although the concert is not seated, table reservations are possible and recommended by calling the following number:

+36 70 566 8848


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