InterUrban: Nova Gorica (SI), Gorizia (IT) - XMobile

VEB2023 tendered collaboration Balatonalmádi
VEB2023 tendered collaboration Balatonalmádi

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it have a voice?"

In an exciting performance in the most modern sense of the word, XMobil's mobile planetarium offers a chance to ponder philosophical questions. The question is given: subject or object? And the answers come from ambient music to visual elements mapped onto sound frequencies generated by artificial intelligence, through GSM/3G/4G frequencies generated in real time with the help of the audience. This exciting mix is then interspersed with the environment, which is not visible but surrounds us on the spot. What do we hear? And is what we hear really there? XMobil offers a mind-bending experience.


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