Budapest Bach Consort - "Close thine Eyes and sleep secure"

VEB2023 implementation
VEB2023 implementation
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Budapest Bach Consort is an orchestra of outstanding young musicians playing period and authentic instruments, founded in 2009 by Augustin Szokos, the youngest conductor specialising in early music in Hungarian music at the time.

The ensemble's repertoire is based on 17th and 18th century European music, with a focus on their eponym Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederic Handel and the music of 18th century London. In addition to their orchestral work, they also play an important role in chamber music, and hold masterclasses and lectures. 

Ticket price: 2000 Ft

"Close thine Eyes and sleep secure"

An Evening with Henry Purcell

Part One: 

g-moll triószonáta, Z.790

Close thine eyes and sleep secure, Z.184

How long, great God?, Z.189

h-moll triószonáta, Z. 802

In the black dismal dungeon of despair, Z.190

The Earth trembled, Z.197

g-moll triószonáta, Z. 806

Blessed is he that considereth the poor, Z.7

Part Two: 

With sick and famish’d eyes, Z.200

c-moll triószonáta, Z.798

Lord, what is man, Z.192

Hosanna to the highest, Z.187

f-moll triószonáta, Z.800

In guilty night “Saul and the witch of Endor”, Z.134

Thy way, O God, is holy, Z.60

Performed by: 

Adriána Kalafszky - discant

Zoltán Megyesi - countertenor

Péter Molnár - tenor

Szélpál Szilveszter - bass


László Paulik, Ottilia Revóczky - violin

Lúcia Krommer - viola da gamba

Augustin Szokos - organ, artistic director

The revenue generated from the tickets purchased during the Fructus Labiorum Classic Music Festival will be used in its entirety, in cooperation with the Integrated Institution for Family Support and Child Welfare of Veszprém, to provide free tickets to the ice and snow-doughnut rink of the Winter Garden for disadvantaged families in Veszprém and the surrounding area.  
In addition to entrance tickets, it will also be possible to buy donation tickets - both online in advance and on the spot.


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