What makes a dish prepared in the Bakony style á la Bakony?

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The names of dishes that contain the adjective "Bakonyi" can be found on countless menus. But what is the story behind the Bakony pork ribs or the Bakony sauce? This is the question we explore in a short gastronomic adventure.

The forests of the Bakony, which are ideal for hiking, relaxing and even for obtaining gastronomic ingredients, are rich in mushrooms. There are marasmius, morels, agarics, chanterelles and giant puff balls, to name but a few. The fact that the Bakony has become a popular mushroom picking area is largely due to its abundant rainfall and although the chalky soil is less favourable for large mushrooms, there are still plenty of species to pick thanks to the weather. 

But why are we talking about mushrooms? The reason is simple: if you prepare a dish in the Bakony style, you are sure to find mushrooms in it. If you are eating a Bakony dish in and around the Bakony, chances are that the fresh mushrooms came from a few kilometres away. If you are a little further away from the region, it is simply the presence of the mushrooms that is important, no matter where the ingredients come from.

Bakony pork ribs as an export product

It seems almost unbelievable, but there was a time when pork ribs were not only made the Bakony way, but actually existed as the best part of the swine raised in the Bakony. It was a popular meat product from the 17th to the 19th century. Thanks to the abundance of acorns in the forests of the Bakony, swine breeding flourished and, after processing, the best cuts were exported all over Europe.


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