Veszprém has new works of street art - We present the final result!


In recent years, spectacular street art has appeared in several parts of Veszprém, including the Jutasi Housing Estate, Stadion street, and the Viaduct area. Two new areas have recently been covered with paintings, so if you're curious to see the finished works, head to the Veszprém Arena and the Maxon Tunnel.

The Open Call

As part of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme, the House of Arts Veszprém launched a public call for street art projects in designated public spaces in Veszprém in spring 2023. The locations chosen for the project were the underpass of the Veszprém Arena, the Maxon tunnel, the underpass under the Déli ring road accessible from Mester street, the V-Busz Veszprém Haszkovó bus stop, the driver's rest area and a bus covered with the artwork in the form of a sticker.

Each location had a theme: the Veszprém Arena underpass was about what Veszprém, Lake Balaton and Bakony mean to the artist; the Maxon Tunnel was about space, aviation, cycling and sustainable transport; and the V-Bus was about promoting public transport.

Maxon Tunnel

The Maxon Tunnel mural, created by the ALL CAPS Collective team, features motifs that accurately reflect the company's activities: an electric motor, a hand holding an electric razor, a Mars rover, an electric bicycle and a humanoid robot.

Maxon Tunnel

A total of 37 entries were received from Hungarian and foreign artists. The selection of the winning artists took place on 13 April, and the underpass of the Veszprém Arena was transformed into a canvas by the Italian Alice Lotti and Matteo Ceretto, the French Meyso Art, the Hungarian ALL CAPS Collective and the Color Brigade, while the surfaces of the Maxon and the V-Bus will also be covered with works by the Hungarian ALL CAPS Collective.

The focus on Veszprém and the Bakony-Balaton region

The theme of the Veszprém Arena underpass reflects Veszprém, Bakony and Lake Balaton as the European Capital of Culture in 2023. To get a closer look at the latest creations, we asked the artists to tell us about their latest experiences and inspirations.

VESZPRÉM - Tete and Meyso, Meyso Art

Veszprém has meant a lot to us, we have learnt so much about the amazingly rich history of the city during the project and it has been really impressive to see the built environment, monuments and nature with our own eyes. The opportunity to create art in the city has enriched our artistic and personal universe.

BAKONY - Colour Brigade, Babett Hegedűs

My favourite themes in painting are spatial illusions, 3D effects, optical illusions, painting that deceives the eye. Not only in contemporary painting, as this has been a preoccupation of painters since the ancient times. One of the high points was perhaps the Renaissance, with the discovery of perspective. In modern times, street art is one of the genres of painting that makes use of it. I mainly collect international examples; I haven't seen many murals of this kind in Hungary. That is why I found the concrete walls of the cycle path at the entrance to the Veszprém Arena the most exciting of all the surfaces in the competition, as they offer a great opportunity to create a mural with a 3D effect. The main motif of our painting was the word BAKONY itself, which we painted in such a way as to create the illusion that the wall was "cut out" along the contours of the letters, and that the mountains of the Bakony were visible directly behind the wall. Sculpting this on site was a complex task on the curved wall.

BALATON - Alice Lotti and Matteo Ceretto

The aim of the artwork is to highlight the characteristics, traditions, and features of the landscape typical of Lake Balaton. We believe that Lake Balaton is a treasure trove of unique ideas waiting to be discovered. For the design of the project, we wanted to draw inspiration not only from photographs of the lake's most important sites, but also from vintage graphics that promoted this unique environment in Hungary and Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. It is a particularly evocative graphic synthesis, reimagined in our own style and sensibility.



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